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Negative emotions and behavior patterns which overwhelm the nervous system, and ultimately the immune system, are challenging to manage. These sensations usually surface whenever a person is moving beyond their inherent comfort zone. Ordinarily, people are expected to repress these feelings but, over time, the repression creates depression. In a busy world with excessive demands it is important to remain attentive of the body's call for help. Otherwise, these oversights can send the nervous system into physical, mental and emotional destruction. Once this happens a person may reach for medication to manage the pain. Ultimately this management could lead to dependency, increased dosages, immunity issues, constipation or other problems. Complications, symptoms, side effects, pain and occasional mishaps are the body's red flags for help.

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Help for Anxiety is an MP3 download. It is designed to teach people how to deal with overwhelming emotions "in the moment". A person can use the download in any environment. Find your place of peace at work, school, home, airplane, train, bus or anywhere. The download supports an individual through an emotional attack. The listener is able to breathe through the stress, find a calming strength in the midst of the storm, validate their existence and feel supported throughout the process. During the interactive communication, the user is finding personal strength to manage their thoughts and relax the nervous system through positive affirmations and breathwork. Ultimately, the individual is empowered to call forward an intrinsic ability for quieting their own mind.


An unfortunate event can make a person feel sad. A number of difficult circumstances can push a person into hopelessness. Despair These feelings are experienced amongst adults, teens and children. A lack of support will cause an individual to move through a downward spiral of negative emotions. It could feel as if one is laying at the bottom of an empty barrel with no helping hand in sight. Accompanying despair are emotional and physical meltdowns in the form of depression, fear, worry, shame and guilt. Help for Anxiety is designed to perpetuate positive affirmations of self-worth.


Fear is an emotion that is largely driven by a person's state of mind. It begins with perception. A negative thought is projected based on this perception. The thought is perpetuated over and over until it becomes a personal truth. FEAR This pattern of negative thought ultimately causes an individual to have anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviors, suicidal thoughts or other detrimental emotions based upon one's focus of attention. Help for Anxiety is designed to support positive thinking.


Anger is a sea of negative emotions stemming from a distant past. ANGER In the past, these feelings were repressed. The candidate either lacked the language or vocal space to express painful events. As a result, this information remained dormant until present day. In this current day, the individual is disconnected from the original cause of pain. Conversely, this person is connected to frequent anger outburst, eternally, or until (s)he decides otherwise. Help for Anxiety is designed to guide a person to a place of peace. In this place, the individual may find a desire to heal long-term.


If you CONSISTENTLY listen to your

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you will begin saying to yourself...

I Am Loving My Way

To love your way through emotional disturbances, mental illness, suicide thoughts or other heavy feelings is to allow yourself time for baby steps.Baby Steps Instant gratification from medications will eliminate pain but masks the root cause. Cultivation is the key to long-term understanding. There is a missing link between your stability and panic. It takes patience and love to find answers and work toward resolution. Help for Anxiety is a key starting point for learning how to "love your way".

I Have Compassion For Me!

It takes time to heal from pain, sickness, grief, sorrow or emotional setbacks. Many people are too hard on themselves. People expect the body to show instantaneous change. Compassion In order to experience physical, mental and emotional recovery within the body, a person must exercise compassion. If the body has a setback the mind should express thoughtful concern. This feedback will encourage the body to continue making progress. Help for Anxiety ultimately teaches a person to have compassion for their body as it works to achieve equilibrium.


Breathwork is essential for retraining the nervous system. Breathe The flow of oxygen cleanses the blood, tissues and cells within the body. Most importantly, rhythmic breathing can balance an overwhelmed nervous system. Help for Anxiety walks the listener through breathwork.

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Peace is something a person hopes to achieve through any kind of emotional attack. Peace The mind is racing, the heart is pumping overtime, the head is thumping and the nervous system is signaling danger but the individual is desperately seeking peace. Help for Anxiety places a person by your side to help you turn a scary moment into a place of peace.


An emotional episode is challenged by calming words, soothing music, positive affirmations and breathwork. At the onset or during an attack it is important to have calming support. Calm For a person feeling alone, support is the difference between a prolonged moment and a small victory. No matter where you are, Help for Anxiety is the calming support initiating a personal win.


Persons experiencing emotional challenges can find comfort with encouragement. Encourage Perpetual positive affirmations can begin to retrain thought patterns of the mind. Consistency is key. Help for Anxiety teaches the listener how to encourage self through repetition of encouraging words.

Emotional Dysfunction
Anxiety | Panic | Depression | PTSD | ADHD

are connected to the nervous system

FREE Poster Negative emotional changes signal the nervous system to prepare for danger. Response to this messaging causes multiple physiological changes to occur. A noticeable change takes place within the digestive system. Nausea, indigestion, stomach pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation are common reactions to nervousness, anxiety and other emotional challenges. The inclusion of medication for handling emotional upsets can induce short-term results but, create additional barriers to gut (colon) motility. This lack of movement can negatively impact immunity. As a result, persons experiencing emotional upsets may also, in the long run, encounter immunological difficulties.

Purchase Help for Anxiety today and receive a FREE poster download entitled Fore-Thought of Constipation explaining the mindset of a person experiencing gut problems. This tool is helpful as the listener moves through a daily journey toward emotional stability.


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Sage JoyaSage Joya is a Spiritual Guide and Instructor Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Her mission is to educate lay people on 1) the endless possibilities of healing and 2) quantum personal advancement, through The Mind-Gut Connection. She is committed to serving as a personal guide. She teaches clients to live bountifully by learning how to Be Yourself, Love Yourself and to Grow Beyond Infinite Measure.

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